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Zen Painting: Pathways and Connections begins October 5th but registration is now open at a special price!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Big Day! Our Winners Revealed!!

Today is the big day!  I got up fairly early to draw a couple names as soon as I could so you all wouldn't have to wait any longer and I'm soooooo excited for these two ladies who will be joining me and tons of other Zen Painting Peeps in just a couple of weeks.....

Two winners are::::Drum Roll please!!! 

One random winner was chosen and that winner is---

Li Li Wee said...
Zen to me is not just about being calm and at peace. It's about embracing chaos . It's about embracing the yin and yang energy.. IT'S ABOUT BEING PRESENT AND EMBRACING 'WHAT IS' AT THE CURRENT MOMENT!!

What I will benefit from the workshop?
I am hoping to overcome myself doubt and fear of creating through your style of art.

Thank you for the opportunity
Becky Collins said...  
Zen for me today is different than it was just one week ago. On 9/9 I had a double mastectomy and will be laid up for quite a few weeks. So as I lay here this first week I'm clearing my mind(because it's too painful to even color) clearing my mind of all negative thoughts and feelings that come with being diagnosed with cancer.the new path I'm on has been sweet thus far because it's brought my husband and I some needed together time, while he's been my care giver he's also slowed me down. And that is where ZEN is for me these days. It's in the quiet, it's in the mind. But soon it will be on paper and it's that day that keeps me going! Thank you for giving all of us the opportunity to win a seat!! I hope to come visit you at your shop when I'm well enough.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Happy Monday! Sharing the Zen Love today!

Hello and Happy Monday My Friends~!

I know many of you have been hoping I would do this and just waiting for it...well today is the day!

I'm excited to present my newest online class, "Zen Painting, Pathways and Connections" which begins October 5th!!!!  Whooohooo! This class has been a long time in the making and it is a process that I have fallen in love with, so with that said, I'm so thrilled to be able to offer it to you both online and throughout my upcoming travel teaching events!  
Wait for it.......wait for it....

Today (9/19) through Wednesday, 9/21/16, I'll be giving away 2 spots for this class which you can enter your name into the virtual hat by leaving me a comment on this blog post that answers the question:   What brings a state of Zen into your life and how would this course benefit you?

You can get a second entry by sharing this blog post, simply come back and let us know you shared! Extra bonus points in my book if you sign up for my newsletter..haha :)

If you already signed up for the class and win the drawing, you will get a refund after class opens from me and or you can gift your winnings to a friend (or allow me to give a scholarship to someone in need in your name),  whatever floats your boat!

If you haven't signed up for the workshop, please don't delay, the sale price ENDS after class launches on 10/5. We are going to have a blast in the class no doubt, and I can't wait for it to begin!

To read more about the workshop please click HERE.

Here's a little snippet where I discuss my upcoming class!
               Thank you so much for stopping by!

Wishing you much luck in this giveaway!!

PS...if we reach over 200 comments, I'll give away a 3rd seat!! Please share and help spread the word about this fun filled workshop!


Here's a few products we will be using in the class!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Memory Lane, Big Reminders and Product Recommendations!

It can't possibly be almost mid September can it???  Holy smoly, where does time go??  

This has been a whirlwind week as I was in Cincinnati filming new DVD's for the Artist Network (if you didn't know, I have 4 DVDS already available that I taped last year for them, check them out here!) 

While I was there-I was surprised to see a preview of a beautiful new book I was blessed to have one of my large whimsical pieces featured in!

For those of you who may be interested, Incite 4 is coming out in just a few weeks and is a large compilation of a variety of amazingly talented mixed media and acrylic painters around the world!   Pinching myself that I'm included with this elite group of artists!! 
Here's a link to the book if you want to pre-order it!

Can I just say that this last experience filming my new DVD's was soooo fun?   I was completely nervous, sick to my stomach flipping out type of nervous before I went but then somehow, someway, I calmed down a bit during my 10 hour drive from North Carolina to Cinci.   I had a lot of time to think, rethink, analyze and prepare myself for the filming-but it's still scary. I am filled with anxiety anytime I do either something new, public speaking,  or am in front of an audience.  Even so, I try to mask my insecurity or fear enough to get started--once I'm there and in the moment I find away to rise up and face the challenge.

Do any of you have those jitters?? 

Back to being so much fun-the crew at F&W media (the same group of amazing people who bring you so many of the books and magazines  in fine art, mixed media, writing, scrapbooking, beading, and wood working  to name just a few in their catalog)  made me feel so at home and we all kept each other laughing and playfulness all throughout the week. I know these videos will be fan-friggin-tastic~ Stay tuned-they will be released at the end of January and I'll certainly share more about that when I have a for sure date and pre-order info.

For now-here's a couple of pics from last weeks filming at the studio.

 Brad actually made me feel very comfortable..he was so easy on the eyes to stare at ;)
 Amy Jones-my fantastic producer for the videos and student for 2 of the days!
 A little peak at one of the art on the set...stay tuned for a way cool video on Abstracts!
 One of my new Abstracts on Yupo!
 Awww...look at this lovely lady--The wonder girl behind Cloth Paper Scissors blog, social media maven for Artist Network and Create Mixed media-Cherie Haas.  Cherie was my amazing student for the last two days of our taping.  What fun we had!
 Another peak at the set-the studio actually has 4 or 5 sets to switch around and use in this filming area.  Last time I was in the 'house' we used the brick wall set, but I love the way my abstracts pop on the white walls of this studio set up.
Our last day...boohoooo, it went by so fast, really in a blink of the eye!  Each day I was treated to having my hair and make up done by a professional, too. Kinda felt Pretty Womanish..haha! 

I hope you enjoyed the look behind the scenes and the stroll down last weeks memories :)  


While I have you, just a gentle reminder that Zen Painting: Pathways and Connections pre-sale price changes soon! Get this sale price through Wednesday, September 14th!

I  am BEYOND humbled by how many of you have already signed up! My heart is soooo full of gratitude that you entrust me to guide you in this new magical process we will be doing starting October 5th.
If you want to be a part of our group of Zen painters-be sure to register soon to get the sale price!

(You will still get a special offer up until the class opens, however, the price goes up on Thursday).

These paints are just some of the 'magic' makers we will be using during class!  
Who's in??? 

Be sure to click here for more info-see you in class hopefully!

Thank you all for taking the trip down memory lane with me and sharing in the excitement this awesome 'job' affords me. I'm truly blessed and I feel the energy and support my friends, students and followers send out in the world to me. Thank you, thank you!


Some of my Favorite Products Used this week during my Filming at F&W Media:

Golden High Flow Paint

Quin Nickel Azo Gold-How could you not love this color!

Ampersand Surfaces-I'm a huge fan!

Tombow-My new FAVORITE pencil. It writes like Butter!

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Life Book 2017-Big Announcement and GIVEAWAY!!

Hello everyone!

I have some wonderful &  exciting news! I am going to be teaching on Life Book 2017 !!!  This will be my second time teaching—I was a part of the first Life Book inception several years ago and I am sooooo thrilled to be back again in 2017!

And even MORE exciting news is that I can give away 1 space on this amazing year long art course! Keep reading if you want to find out more about Life Book 2017  and if you want to find out how you can win a spot! :)

First let me tell you a bit more about Life Book in case you haven't heard about it yet!
“Life Book, a celebration and honouring of YOU” is a year-long mixed media art class organized by Tamara Laporte from Willowing Arts.

Tam is joined by 22 incredible art teachers who are all gearing up to share their mixed media techniques, tips and tricks with YOU! Themed around self-development and healing, you’ll be creating several loose mixed media art journal pages per month which by the end of the year you will bind into a glorious journal (a Life Book)! You will have a wonderful keepsake that you can treasure for the rest of your life!

You can find out a lot more about this wildly popular course (it has been joined by over 12500+ people in the past!) by clicking HERE.

I haven't fully developed my class idea yet, but to get a better idea on what some of my art journal pages/sketches look like for those of you who are new to my art, take a look at these examples here or take a peek at my Etsy Shop:

(BTW...Here are links to some of my Favorite Journals NOTE-Life Book  projects typically are created on LOOSE papers you bind into your own journal with a specific size water color or mixed paper  at the end of the year. But if you want to just go ahead and put all of your work in one pre-made journal, these would be my recommendations).

   Dylusions Journal Large

Dylusions Journal Square

Strathmore Visual Journal (mixed media)

Registration opens on October 3rd 2016 and the class begins on January 1st 2017.
So if you want to start the year with a fabulous creative BANG and spend 2017 with a wonderful creative community of like-minded souls, learning more about art and how to be kinder and more loving towards yourself, be sure to join once registration opens! :) Keep this page bookmarked so that you can sign up the moment it goes on sale! :)
Now then, onto the give-away and blog hop! :)

 I can give away 1 space on Life Book 2017 to 1 lucky winner, yay! :) And if you follow the blog hop (see below for links and dates) you can up your chances of winning a space by entering all the other give-aways also! :)

How to enter the give-away:
1. Share this give-away on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+  Here's a link so you can easily share:
2. Sign up to my newsletter if you aren’t already on my list by clicking HERE.
3. Leave a comment below letting us know why you would love to join Life Book 2017.
4. Come back for a second entry by letting me know you shared this post and signed up for my newsletter  (see #2)

I will announce the winner on Tuesday, September 27th, 2016!

Here is the list of the other amazing teachers who will be teaching on Life Book – they too will be giving away a spot on Life Book so go check them out and enter their give-aways! :)

Date Artist/ Teacher Site

5th September 2016 Tamara Laporte
6th September 2016 Jodi Ohl
7th September 2016 Susana Tavares
8th September 2016 France Papillon
9th September 2016 Shelley Klammer
10th September 2016 Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici
11th September 2016 Donna Mulholland
12th September 2016 Mandy van Goeije
13th September 2016 Jennifer Mercede
14th September 2016 Misty Mawn

WOWZA--this a stellar line up once again this year!  Thank you for joining us today and be sure to get your comments in for a chance to win a spectacular spot in the upcoming Life Book 2017 course!!!

If you just can't wait until January to get your 'creative' on,  I have a new workshop coming up October 5th titled "Zen Painting: Pathways and Connections"! This is going to be a HUGE HUGE course that just may change your life. Fresh projects, unique processes, new surfaces and materials to work on and a ton of projects, exercises, and guidance to help you navigate the world of whimsical Zen abstracts!

Take a peek:  

This course will be on sale through October 5th BUT the best sale price right now will be ending 9/14 so be to register soon to get an even better deal!!

That's it for now! I hope you have a wonderful day!  Don't forget to get in on the drawing for a Life Book 2017 spot by commenting and following the rules listed above!

Good luck!!